Pre Prep Program

Our Pre Prep Program caters for children who are aged between 4 and 6 years, and is designed to prepare children for a school environment allowing them to integrate must faster and to concentrate on learning from the start.

We have a close relationship with Birkdale Primary School, which is located across the road from us and part of our Pre Prep Program is a library session at the school, this allows our children to become accustomed to the school environment.

Our Child Care Centre is fully equipped with everything needed to supply your child with structured curriculum based learning, which takes place through play and interaction.

Possums (4 years to 6 years)

The emphasis is on Pre/School readiness. Through play and group experiences the children explore many concepts including colour, shapes, numbers and the alphabet which assist in giving them a head start in school learning. They have the opportunity to participate in show and tell, computer activities, and fun "homework" sheets if they choose. The possums are also very fortunate to have a weekly session with the librarian at Birkdale Sate school.

Outdoor Play Area

We also have a wonderful soft, out door play area where our children take part in both structured and free

play sessions allowing for the development of social skills and fitness levels.

We also are actively involved with parents as well as children and offer events where parents can come along and discuss things like nutrition, watch sports day and help raise money for worthy courses.

Mary Street Child Care and Kindergarten operates Monday to Friday 6.30am to 6.00pm during term time and the school holidays

Free pick up service from Birkdale school

During term time we offer a free pick up service for children who attend Birkdale School.