Dear Ladies

Today is Jack vw’s last day in the Possums room. It is also our families last day at Mary Street, we did try to extend the family but no luck there.

I just wanted to say a few words to you all. Mary Street has been a very important part of our lives but in particular has been important to me.

I moved back to Australia, after many years overseas, whilst I was pregnant with our eldest, Tom. When I was there months pregnant I lost my Mum to cancer. So here I was with a foreign husband settling into a new country, having lost all my old contacts and friends over ten years of absence, and having lost my mother. I was also a new mother. I come from a very small family and had no female to help out either.

It was a tough time and Mary Street was my safe place when we started in 2004. It was wonderful to be able to leave Tom in such a safe a loving environment. Bec, Renee, Janice and Shirl all put up with my freaky first child antics. There was lots of worrying and over analysing and you listened to it all and gave me great advice.

My children have always bounced into Mary Street and cried when its home time. You have all been so kind and loving and caring, you have always gone far beyond the call of duty.

Tom toddled off to WPSS and Jack wa bord. He started in Wombats with Shirl the girl and moved on to his lovely Preschool year with Dawny and Bec. Things have become easier as Tom settled into school and I created  a support system around me but I will never forget the role that you have all played in my most important role, being a good mother to my boys.

It has been so very important to me to have such a lovely group of women to be part of my children lives. I treasure the memories and thank you from he bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my boys, Tom and Jack

We will all miss Mary Street!

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