Testimonial From Phoebe Dean

From the moment I walked into Mary Street Childcare I knew it was the right place for my children. It just has a wonderful feel about it that you pick up on instantly. I had been researching local child care centres as we were new to the area and were transferring my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter from another kindergarten mid year. It was a time of great upheaval in our circumstances – we were moving into a new home, changing from a much loved child care centre and also I was expecting a new baby. Both of my children were apprehensive about starting at a new centre. I was even more apprehensive! Will they make friends? Will the teachers understand my son’s communication skills? Will the children settle in ok? My worries were for nothing.

From the very first day at Mary Street, my children loved it. They were made to feel special and very cared for. That was over a year ago now. My daughter has since graduated from the centre (we loved the graduation ceremony!) and my son has moved up into the next level. The main things I love about the centre – firstly the teachers and carers! The staff are experienced, loving, kind and incredibly approachable. Secondly – the fun stuff that the centre offers. Whether it is a travelling Aquarium that visits the centre or just Crazy Hair Day – the focus is making a FUN, safe, learning environment for the kids. Thirdly, I love looking at the Room Journal that documents the daily class activities with stories and photos.

And another thing I love – the food! My kids don’t always eat the food I make them (I’ll admit it) but I know they always eat the meals provided at the centre. You can rest assured that your little one is getting a great variety of healthy food and will come home with a full tummy. The centre itself is an older centre that reminds me so much of the kindergarten I went to and loved as a child. And it’s so conveniently located directly across from Birkdale State School. I would recommend Mary Street Childcare to anyone looking for a safe, warm, loving, learning and FUN environment for their child.

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