What’s happening in our rooms…

Joey’s room
We hope all our Joey mums had a relaxing Mothers’ Day. The children enjoyed making their special gifts for you all. We also enjoyed our grandparents’ day with treats for morning tea. All the children were so proud and excited to show off their special visitors. It was also lovely to see these grandparents interact with all the children as their own.

Over the past few weeks, we have been listening to different music and practicing some moves. A favourite is ‘hold hands and jump up and down’ or ‘heads down, bottoms up’. Painting has been an almost daily request from some of our Joeys. We have been giving them rollers, textured brushes, sponges, stampers, and encouraging them to experiment with lots of different colours.

The children are really enjoying home corner at the moment. They are enjoying the dress ups, using their imagination to extend on play, lots of play with cups, bowls, play food, etc. We have been reading some lift the flap books and encouraging them to identify and name what they see.

The cool weather is here, so please remember to bring warm clothes, spare clothes (in case of accidents) and warm light blankets for rest time.
Next week is under 8’s week. For our cooking day on Tuesday we are making fried rice.
And on Friday, our favourite day, it’s MESSY DAY! Please remember to wear old clothes!

Thank you
Abbie, Linda and Shaunie

Wombat Tales…
Hello wombat families,

Firstly, we would like to welcome our newest member of the wombat class, Kelly and her family into the centre. We have been busy little bees in the wombat room. All the children enjoyed and were very proud of the keychains they made for Mothers’ Day, which were made with lots of love. Grandparents morning tea was a wonderful day. The wombat grandparents were keen to share their knowledge on block construction, engineering, arts and craft, and storytelling. The children absolutely loved it! Thank you to all the grandparents for making our day very special.

The weather is starting to get cooler, so please pack extra warm clothing as we do have the occasional accident, especially with toilet training. We are after some more spare clothes, so if parents have donations, especially for jumpers and track pants, that would be greatly appreciated.

Under 8’s week is next week, each day we have planned activities for the children to explore and challenge each child’s ability to socialise and test their skills. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun!
Our first half of the year has been a pleasure in teaching and guiding your child. Together as a team we will incorporate new challenges and encourage your child’s strengths.

Julie, Courtenay and Janice.

Echidna Stories…

Hi all,
This year is passing quickly and we can already see more development in your children. They have grown in confidence, their language is developing and new interests are also developing. Writing our own names is a new interest that we will be working on. Also I wish to introduce scissors into the self select art area. We are doing this slowly as we continue to discuss how to use scissors safely. We have been discussing with families and hope to have a Tawny frog mouth family sitting in the tree.
(This all coincides with one of the children’s favourite stories – “Owl Babies”.)

Winter is here, so please remember to add some warmer bedding. Also, remember to name jumpers. We will be putting shoes straight on after rest time before going out as it is getting cooler earlier. If you have any concerns, please feel free to talk to Cara, Dawn or Shirl.

Thank you from the Echidna Room

Possum Escapades…

Hello, everyone and welcome to another newsletter from the Possum’s room. We have been really busy and have so much to tell you.

Our weekly visits to the Library at Birkdale State School have begun. These visits are part of our school readiness path as we begin to become aware of the school environment. We also experience interaction with the school on numerous occasions throughout the year, with some children enjoying our first invitation to the school—the Easter Bonnet Parade. We are truly blessed to have such a good relationship with the local school. One we will all be able to take part in by the end of the school year.

In other big news, which we are sure most of you know by now, we have a pet lizard named “Freddy” in the Kindergarten room. We are all enjoying getting to know Freddy as we care and look after him. Most of the time we observe as he plays, eats and rests. But on a few occasions we have been lucky to have Freddy out for a hold and a feast on crickets.

Freddy has brought us great joy and also sparked an interest in lizards, which we are pursuing.

In the Kindergarten room we are still very interested in cities. We are currently constructing our own city out of recycled boxes and other various household items. It has been a slow process but, as you know, most major constructions have their hurdles to overcome. As our knowledge grows, so too do our plans. Fingers crossed our city will be on display and ready for use soon.

We are also currently working very hard on recognising our own names. Each morning we are asked to find our name and place it on the chalkboard. Soon we will be moving to the letters and writing our own names.

Currently we have a lot of children bringing in show and tell on a regular basis. We think this is great and love that the children want to share their treasures and memories with us. But we would like to ask you for some assistance. If your child would like to bring in show and tell, could you please help them with the choice of their item and also talk with them about what they might say to the group.

We thank you for taking the time to do this and look forward to seeing the amazing items they may bring in to share with us throughout the year.
Please also remember there are 28 children in the Possums’ room across the week. Perhaps encourage your child to bring in one very special item per month, as this will allow us all to have a turn.

As the cooler weather is definitely here, we would like to remind you about sending warmer clothes and closed-in shoes daily with your children. This will help us to keep them warm while we enjoy the great outdoors. Also please remember to keep sending your child’s hats and water bottles as these are just as important to our growing bodies in the winter months.

Thank you for taking the time to read all our news. We are really enjoying our kindergarten year. Remember our door is always open and so too are our ears to ideas. So please don’t hesitate to pop in for a play or to express your concerns or ideas.

Look forward to chatting with you soon.
Jodie, Larissa and Taylor.

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